Sunday At Home Workout – Full Body Burn (VIDEO)

I am loving this workout right now, guys. I’ve done it twice since I came up with it, and I’m pretty sure it got even better the second time around. I love it because it’s high intensity, but in a sneaky way.  It starts off with stationary squats..ok, not bad, right? WRONG. The addition of the shoulder press turns an every day squat into a serious fat-burning move. Definitely make sure you’ve got a heavy enough set of weights to give this move it’s due – if you’re doing it right, your shoulders will be burning by the end of the first set! From there you dive right into a jumping move, which will definitely have you breathin’ a bit heavier, but it’s really the next move that takes this legs section to the next level: the reverse lunge and weight throw combo is killer, and it’s my new fave, so if you hate it, get ready to be angry at me next Sunday when you see it again.

The arms section has some great moves, but my favorite are the commandos which, once again, will have you dripping sweat, even though you don’t have to jump around to do ’em. The abs section is just slightly less intense, but still killer, and will set you up perfectly to begin the legs section all over again for round 2! I hope y’all enjoy this workout as much as I do, happy Sunday!

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