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Last week, I was finally able to get back on a slightly more structured workout schedule. I mentioned in two previous posts (here and here) that I’ve recently felt a bit helter-skelter when it comes to my exercise routine, and I’ve been really eager to get back on track, so to speak. As nice as it is to disrupt my gym routine for something like a mountain bike ride or weekend away, I always love getting back to my schedule…it’s not that I don’t like taking the good habits that I’ve developed to a weekend wedding in Florida (I do), but I genuinely enjoy planning my workouts and executing them, without any hiccups or adjustments due to a new environment.

What can I say? At the end of the day, as much as I love getting out, seeing new places and doing new things, I am always more comfortable when I can stick to a routine or a schedule. I’ve always been that way. I love me a good to-do list, and it’s easier to check certain things off when you’re in your own backyard. My goals this last week were to get in some serious cardio (three pieces of wedding cake in one sitting plus vacation-style wine intake for a long weekend’ll do that to a gal), and to work out each major muscle group or pairing at least once. Here’s what I did between Monday and Sunday to check those items of my list.

weekly workout with pineapple 2

weekly workout with pineapple 2

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Monday: Chest and Triceps & Cardio

Elliptical: 30 minutes, switched between forward and reverse movement and varied the resistance

Cable Flyes {4 sets, 15 reps}
Triceps Kickbacks w/ Dumbbells {4 sets, 15 reps}

Machine Assist Chest Press {4 sets, 15 reps}
Push-Ups {4 sets: 12, 12, 10, 8 reps}

Diagonal Dumbbell Raises {3 sets, 15 reps}
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extensions {3 sets, 15 reps}

Heavy Dumbbell Chest Presses {3 sets, 12 reps}
Triceps Dips {3 sets, 12 reps}

Tuesday: Endurance Cardio

7.07 mile run {treadmill – not at race pace, but fairly quick tempo}

Short Abs Circuit

Wednesday: Legs & Light Cardio

Stair Machine: 25 minutes {steady state HR}

Back Squats {3 sets, 12 reps}
Elevated Lunges with Weights {3 sets, 15 reps/side}
Stationary Squats {3 sets, 20 reps}
Single Leg Step-Ups {3 sets, 15 reps/side}

Kettle Bell RDL’s with Heels Elevated {3 sets, 20 reps}
Exercise Ball Glute Bridges {3 sets, 20 reps}

Quad Machine {20, 15, 12, 10, 8}
Hamstring Machine {3 sets, 12 reps}

Thursday: Back and Biceps & Cardio {*the back and bi workout is linked here}

5k run warm-up {not race pace, but quick tempo}

Band Assissted Pull-Ups {5 sets, 12 reps}
TRX Biceps Curls {5 sets, 15 reps}

180 Twist Dumbbell Row {4 sets, 12 reps/arm}
Supinated Hammer Curls {4 sets, 15 reps}

Wide Grip Back Rows {4 sets, 12 reps}
Rope Pull-Downs {4 sets, 12 reps}
Resistance Band Bicep Curls {4 sets, 12 reps}

Resistance Band Abs Circuit

Friday: Endurance Cardio & Shoulders

5.25 mile run {easy pace}

Forward and Lateral Single Arm w/ Static Arm Dumbbell Raises {3 sets, 12 reps/arm}
Around the Worlds {3 sets, 12 reps}

“Steering Wheels” {3 sets, 20 reps}
Weight Plate Press-Outs {3 sets, 20 reps}

Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press w/ Static Arm {3 sets, 15 reps}
Shoulder Taps {30 seconds}

Quick Abs Circuit

Saturday: HIIT & Full Body Circuit Workout {circuit workout linked here}

Stair Machine: 25 minute HIIT {2 minutes challenging walking pace | 2 minutes every other step | 1 minute sprint | repeat 5 times}

BOSU Full Body Circuit:

Push-Ups {2 sets, 15 reps}
Squats {2 sets, 20 reps}
Jumping Split Squats {2 sets, 20 reps}
Single Leg Lunges {2 sets, 15 reps/leg}
Burpees {2 sets, 10 reps}
Mountain Climbers {2 sets, 30 reps}

Sunday: Cardio & Legs

Elliptical: 40 minutes {3 minutes challenging pace w/ forward motion followed by 2 minutes stepping motion, repeat 8 times}

Treadmill: 10 45-second sprints {5 with 30 seconds rest & 5 with 15 seconds rest}

Smith Machine Squats {4 sets, 15 reps}
Smith Machine Lunges {4 sets, 15 reps/leg}

Dumbbell RDL’s with Heels Elevated {3 sets, 15 reps}
Glute Bridges with Barbell {3 sets, 15 reps}

Leg Press {4 sets, 15 reps}
X-Jumps (“boxer jumps”) {4 sets, 30 reps}

Quad Machine {20, 15, 12, 10, 8}
Stationary Lunges on Foam Pad {3 sets, 30 reps: 10 side, 10 back, 10 around-the-back}

Hamstring Machine {4 sets, 12 reps}
Freestanding Calf Raises {4 sets, 30 reps: 10 neutral, 10 turned-out, 10 turned-in}

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