Sunday At Home Workout: Hotel Gym Edition – Arms & Abs (VIDEO)

This weekend’s at home workout wasn’t really done at home, because I was on vacation, but it was done at my home away from home, a/k/a my hotel in Florida, where I traveled to watch one of my oldest friends get married! The weekend was beautiful and full of family, friends and plenty of Florida sunshine, and I didn’t hold back when it came to indulging in fresh seafood, cocktails and wedding cake, which meant that I got my booty to the hotel gym for a workout every single morning. It was a decent gym, but I wasn’t really able to do my typical, tough workouts, but a weekend away from my local gym was a great excuse to give my body some much-needed rest. I jogged along the beach one morning, worked out in the sand next to the ocean another morning, and on Sunday, my sister and I gave this workout a go.

This is an arms and abs routine that I thought would be a nice addition to these Sunday At Home workouts, particularly after last week’s legs and abs workout. A lot of the movements – even the arm-based ones – are done in plank or push-up position, which I tend to turn to when I’m in a situation where I don’t have the exact weights or cable machines that I typically use for an upper-body workout. Plus, you’re getting extra core work in by doing these movements in these positions, and that’s always a plus, in my book!

I’ve put this in the video as well, but I suggest doing the following breakdown of the exercises: complete the first four movements (the arms-based movements) twice through before moving to the abs movements (the last four movements) and doing those twice through. Repeat until a timer set for 25, 30 or (ouch!) 35 minutes goes off! I hope you guys enjoy the workout!

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