Weekly Workout Schedule – Beach Vacay Edition

I traveled out of town this week, so my workout schedule for the last part of the week was sort of at the whim of whatever my hotel gym had to offer. Turns out, I was able to get several solid workouts in, and I also got outside a bit and varied my routine with a nice long run and a workout on the beach, which wasn’t a bad way to start my Saturday.

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As much as I depend on my routine to help me keep up my good habits and feel good about myself, there’s a part of me that really loves being able to adapt my lifestyle to changing or unexpected circumstances, because it’s in those situations that I can see just how strong my commitment to my fitness really is. It’s so easy to go out of town and simply not workout at all – hotels don’t always have a gym, and it can be intimidating to go for a jog or a walk in a place you’re not familiar with, so it’s a big confidence booster when you actually decide to make the investment in your health despite not being in your normal environment.

Here’s my workout schedule for the past week.

Monday: Upper Body & Cardio

Incline Dumbbell Chest Presses {10 sets, 10 reps each}
Machine-Assisted Pull-Ups {10 sets, 10 reps each}
Arnold Press {5 sets, 12 reps}
Chest Flyes {3 sets, 15 reps}
Mid Back Rows {3 sets, 15 reps}

Stairs & Max Planks: Jog on stair machine for 2 minutes, plank for as long as possible {x6 rounds}

Tuesday: Outdoor Run & Abs

I ran 5.3 miles to the gym and did a light abs circuit once I got there.

Wednesday: Light Back/Biceps & Cardio

I used an elliptical machine that allows for variations between moving forward and backward and stepping, and I did intervals of high intensity forward movement for 3 minutes followed by lower intensity stepping movement for 2 minutes, for 7 rounds, which took 30 minutes.

Single-Arm Cable Pull-Downs {15 reps, 3 sets}
Dumbbell Back Flyes {15 reps, 3 sets}
“21 Method” Curls w/ Curlbar {3 sets}
Bench Abs
Hammer Curls {20 reps, 3 sets}
Bench Abs

Thursday: Rest/Travel Day

Friday: HIIT & Light Shoulders

I did the ladder HIIT described here, and modified for length by using 1/4 mile intervals instead of 1/5 mile intervals.

Single Dumbbell Raises w/ Static Arm {forward & lateral; 15/arm, 3 sets}
Shoulder Taps {30 seconds per round, 3 rounds}
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses {12 reps, 3 sets}
Barbell Overhead Raises {20 reps, 3 sets}
“Steering Wheels” w/ Barbell {30 seconds per round, 3 rounds}
Barbell Press-Outs {12 reps, 3 sets}

Saturday: Full-body Beach Workout & Light Legs/Abs

I did a full body circuit pretty similar to the ones I’ve posted here, and a lighter version of last Sunday’s At-Home Legs & Abs workout, link here.

Sunday: Outdoor Run & Abs

I ran outside for 6 miles and followed it up with a few quick abs exercises.

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