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I felt really productive in terms of working out and fitness this week, which was a nice change of pace after feeling a little out of sorts last week. Not only did I feel better about my workout routines in the gym, but I was able to get outside and hit the trails for not one, but two mountain biking sessions with my dad, which was a welcome addition to my weekly fitness regimen. It’s also cooling down enough that I was able to run outside, which was a welcome change to the ol’ hamster wheel (aka the treadmill). As much as I adore the gym (and I do), there’s something about getting outside and getting away from equipment and technology (which, at my gym, is quite literally everywhere – wanna pretend you’re running through the Australian Outback? My treadmill has a button for that) that’s just…rejuvenating.

I’ve always had plenty of outdoor hobbies: in college, my friends and I would mountain bike, wakeboard and hike all in the same day, which not only means that days were clearly longer than 24 hours 10 years ago, but that I’ve got a huge appreciation for the kind of workout that you can only get from asking your body to climb up a mountain or hold a rope while being pulled behind a boat at 25mph. I mean, it doesn’t matter how many pull ups or sit ups or squats or fancy box jumps I do, there’s just something about careening on two wheels down a mountain full of boulders and hairpin turns that works your body in ways you simply cannot simulate inside the four walls of a gym.

The bottom line: this week was productive and also really fun and, even though I really need no convincing to get up and workout, it’s nice to remind myself how genuinely fun it can be. Here’s how I pushed myself this week, in the weight room and on the trail.

Monday: Mountain Bike & Legs

My mountain bike ride was a quick 5 mile ride before my dad and I both started work for the day.

Leg Press {20, 15, 12, 10, 8 ; increasing weight each set}
Single Leg Lunges, no weight {30 total, 5 sets}
Smith Machine Squats {15 reps, 4 sets}
Smith Machine Single Leg Squats {15 reps/leg, 4 sets}
Banded Deadlifts {15 reps, 5 sets}

Tuesday: Shoulders & 5k

1 mile warm-up

Lateral Dumbbell Shoulder Raises w/ Static Arm Raise {15 reps, 4 sets/arm}
Forward Dumbbell Shoulder Raises w/ Static Arm Raise {15 reps, 4 sets/arm}
Banded Shoulder Taps {15 reps, 4 sets}
Dumbbell Shoulder Press {15 reps, 4 sets}
Ab Crunches on Bench {20 reps, 4 sets}
Rope Face Pulls {15 reps, 4 sets}
Upright Rows {15 reps, 4 sets}

Treadmill 5k at 80-90% race pace

Wednesday: Full Body Circuit & Cardio

I ran 5.3 miles to the gym and then completed my full body circuit twice.

Thursday: Back and Biceps & Outdoor Run

I did the same back and biceps workout I’ve been loving lately, linked here.

I ran 5.3 miles home following my workout.

Friday: Legs

Back Squats {12 reps, 4 sets}
Box Pistol Squats {10 reps/leg, 4 sets}
Leg Presses {12 reps, 4 sets}
Weighted Lunges {15 reps/leg, 4 sets}
Smith Machine Squats {12 reps, 4 sets}
Smith Machine Lunges {15 reps/leg, 4 sets}
Quad Machine {20/15/12/10/8; increasing weight each set}

Saturday: Chest and Triceps & Abs

Barbell Chest Presses {12 reps, 4 sets}
Curl Bar Skullcrushers {12 reps, 4 sets}
Incline Dumbbell Presses {12 reps, 4 sets}
Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks {12 reps/arm, 4 sets}
Machine Assist Chest Presses {12 reps, 4 sets}
Resistance Band Triceps Extensions {12 reps/arm, 4 sets}
Freemotion Chest Flyes {12 reps, 4 sets}
Close Grip Push-Up Burnout {AMRAP}

Sunday: Mountain Bike

On Sunday, I rode for 8 miles on the trails.

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