Back & Biceps Workout (VIDEO)

Working back & biceps on their own is not something I’ve been doing for a long time. I’m not exactly sure why working these muscles is only a recent thing for me…I think, for a while, I just kind of neglected working my back (maybe because I can’t see it all the time?), and I know I was a little timid about working my biceps because I thought building up those muscles might look too masculine. Long story short: I’m glad I came around! Back and biceps day at the gym is now one of my favorite days, and I’m totally into building definition and strength in both of these muscle groups.

back and bi 2

For one, working on my back has actually helped me as a runner, which is a fringe benefit I wasn’t expecting at all. Building the strength in my upper back, specifically, has resulted in a lot less neck and traps soreness for me after a long run, and I am really loving the difference. As for thinking more defined biceps might be too manly? I’m an idiot…I’m loving how much stronger I look now that I’ve really zeroed in on my biceps and built ’em up a bit…I carry approximately no weight in my shoulders or arms (more of a thigh gal, for better or worse), so I tend to look a little weak in the upper body when I’m lean. Building my biceps over the last few months has helped me to feel more confident, because I feel like I’m looking stronger.

Basically, I’m pretty into back and biceps day currently, and I hope y’all enjoy this killer routine as much as I do.



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