Weekly Workout Schedule – Travel Edition

My workout routine this week was a little weird because I traveled to Nashville, TN for a (fantastic) bachelorette party over the weekend. I had a rest day scheduled for Monday that I really needed and, even though it was tempting to skip it and get my butt to the gym as much as possible before a weekend of traveling, eating and drinking, I took the day off and, after about 10 days without a rest day, it was definitely the right call. I didn’t get any exercise in on Friday and I only got a small, short workout in on Saturday, but I didn’t beat myself up about it. I totally indulged in mimosas and appetizers (I don’t say no to sweet potato fries when I’m in the Southeast, ok?), but I controlled my portions, drank a bunch of water, and danced my booty off to country music both nights, which means I won’t have to struggle too much to get back into my routine at the gym (or in the kitchen).

Realistically, no matter how dedicated you are to your fitness regimen, there’s gonna be days or weeks where ya just can’t get to the gym as much as you’d like, or cook the food you wanna cook. I’ve found that, during those periods of time, it’s important for me to maintain the good habits that I’ve built over the last year instead of slippery-sloping simply because I can’t stick to my exact routine. In fact, one of the best habits I’ve cultivated on my fitness journey has been to adapt when necessary, so that I don’t end up freaking out or blowing my diet simply because I’m busy or not at home. It might sound cliché, but this is a lifestyle, y’all, which means the arc of time I’m workin’ with is pretty damn long – a couple of days does not my health and fitness plan make or break: I’m here for a long time and a good time, so bring on the hotel workouts and the mimosa bar.

Here’s exactly how I worked out (and didn’t) this past week.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Back & Biceps & Stair Machine

TRX Upright Rows {12 reps, 4 sets}
TRX Bicep Curls {12 reps, 4 sets}
Barbell Back Row {15 reps, 4 sets}
Resistance Band Bicep Curls {15 reps, 4 sets}
Machine-assisted Pull-Ups {12 reps, 4 sets}
Seated Lat Pull-Downs {12 reps, 4 sets}
Cable Machine Bicep Curls {12 reps, 4 sets}
Seated Rows {12 reps, 4 sets}

Stair Machine {25 mins, HR 150s}

Wednesday: HIIT & Abs

Ladder HIIT, link here.

Quick Abs Circuit.

Thursday: Legs, Incline Walk & Abs

Back Squat {12 reps, 4 sets, increasing weight}
Deficit RDL’s {12 reps, 4 sets}
Glute Bridge with Barbell {15 reps, 4 sets, increasing weight}
Weighted Step-Ups {20 reps, 4 sets}
Hamstring Curls {15 reps, 4 sets, increasing weight}

Treadmill {25 mins, 15% incline, HR 150s}

Quick Abs Circuit.

Friday: Rest*Travel Day

Only workin’ out I did on Friday was walking to the gate at the airport.

Saturday: No Equipment, At-Home Full Body Circuit

Criss-Cross Push-Ups {12 reps, 2 sets}
Shoulder Taps {12 reps, 2 sets}
Commandos {12 reps, 2 sets}
Reverse Lunge & Side-Leg Raise {12 reps, 2 sets}
Squats {12 reps, 2 sets}
Jumping Split Squats {15 reps, 2 sets}
Crossover Plank Mountain Climbers {30 reps, 2 sets}
Rotating Side Plank {15 per side, 2 sets}
Ab Toe Touches {20 reps, 2 sets}

*You can view these “No Equipment” exercises in my Instagram story highlights.

Sunday: Shoulders & Stair Machine

1A: Forward & Lateral Dumbbell Raises {30 reps, 3 sets}
1B: Shoulder Taps {60 seconds}
2A: Kneeling Barbell Landmine Shoulder Presses {12 reps, 3 sets}
2B: Weight Plate Walk {60 seconds}
3A: ‘In & Out’ Dumbbell Shoulder Presses {12 reps, 3 sets}
3B: Seated Dumbbell Flyes {12 reps, 3 sets}
4A: Dumbbell Raise & Rows {12 reps, 3 sets}
4B: Resistance Band Overhead Shoulder Presses {15 reps, 3 sets}

Stair Machine {40 mins, HR 150s}

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