Chest & Triceps Workout (VIDEO)

The moves from this classic, heavy-hitting chest and triceps workout are very much in my current rotation these days. I’m loving using simple, tried-and-true exercises that have been proven over time to be the most effective movements to put on muscle and get stronger in these areas (if it worked for Schwarzenneger, it’ll work for me). This workout is set up in mini circuits, with each circuit containing a chest and a triceps exercise. Fair warning: by the end of the first circuit (bench presses and heavy skull crushers) my arms were already shaking! Push through and you might actually feel stronger as the routine progresses! I hope you guys get as good a workout from these movements as I’ve been getting.

Enjoy this workout, and watch out for those diamond push-ups!


{The Workout}

1A: BarbelL Bench Presses {12 reps, 4 sets, increasing weight each time}
1B: Curl Bar Skull Crushers {12 reps, 4 sets}

2A: Incline Dumbbell Chest Presses {12 reps, 4 sets}
2B: Triceps Kickbacks {12 reps per arm, 4 sets}

3A: Machine Assisted Chest Press {12 reps, 4 sets, increasing weight each time}
3B: Diamond Push-Ups {12/12/10/10}

4A: Double Cable Chest Flyes {12 reps, 4 sets}
4B: Tricep Bar Push-downs {12 reps, 4 sets}


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